Nandyavart Trading Pvt. Ltd. : Our family legacy of 30 years in paper trading business enables the company to blend the experience with professionalism of young qualified team.

An exclusive interview from Mr. Nishikant Jain, Director, Nandyavart Trading Pvt Ltd

Paper Desk : Could you let us know the profile of Nandyavart Trading?

Nishikant Jain : Nandyavart Trading Pvt Ltd is an international trading company for various kinds of paper products like uncoated woodfree paper, printing paper, A4 copier paper, folding boards, duplex boards, kraft paper and tissue jumbo rolls. 

PD : What are your company’s vision & professional culture ?

NJ : Company’s Vision: to be a 24/7 trading company for paper products, working around the clock and having supplies in every continent of world.

Company Culture & Values: we are young qualified team of professionals. We encourage our team members to regularly gain knowledge and upgrade themselves with new export products, markets and new business opportunities. We are focused on offering the products with concept and in partnership.

“Among all types of paper grades, our company beleives that in next 2 years the growth food grade packaging paper products would highest among all paper categories”

PD : What are all the papers you trade with?

NJ : We are dealing in 3 segments:

  • Writing Printing – A4 , Offset Paper, C2S Art Paper and Board, C1S Art Paper, Newsprint Paper
  • Packaging – FBB / SBS (GC1 , GC2), Duplex Board (GD2, GD3, GT), Kraft Paper, Grey Boards/ Chip Boards, Flat Cartons.
  • Hygiene: Soft Tissue Jumbo Rolls – Facial, Toilet, Napkin, Kitchen, Towel.

PD : Do you deal with only Indian Papers or International Paper Mills too?

NJ : We are working with Indian Mills such as: BILT, CENTURY, TNPL, NR AGARWAL, DEEVYASHAKTI to name a few.

International mills we are working with mills in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, South.korea and Bangladesh.

PD : Do you keep stocks of all papers for immediate supply or deal with only against orders?

NJ : We are only working on fresh production orders.

PD : Could you indicate that any of the papers you deal, is the best than your competitors in terms of quality, applications, special purposes, etc..?

NJ : We try to understand the client requirement by understanding the issues of they face with paper / board from other suppliers and then find and delivery best solution to give them higher productivity. In a way we can say we give tailored to customer need.

“Our experience and commitment towards paper products continue with our international presence and now the company has business associations in Asia , Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central America”

PD : How is the tissue consumers market in India and is there market demand around?

NJ : There is huge potetional in Tissue segment in India. There is definitely scope for increasing production capacities to meet domestic and export requirements. The demand is still felt higher in Napkin and Facial tissue segment.

PD : What about your tissue jumbo rolls and how is the market responds from your customers?

NJ : Tissue Jumbo Rolls is hot selling amongst all types of paper and boards. The machine investment in conversion is not very high. Hence with increasing demand more players are entering the market and demand / supply is complementing each other.

PD : Do you have any associate companies to support?

NJ : Nandyavart Trading Pvt Ltd also has associate companies in UAE like Nandyavart Paper Planet FZC, Sharjah and Nandyavart Trading Ltd, Dubai.

“There is over supply in some of the packaging grades like folding box board and duplex board. Therefore, the challenge for traders is that margins have dropped”

PD : How important is QC for a paper trading company and how do you assure the quality of your products you sell?

NJ : We are sourcing our materials directly from factories across Asia. The products are loaded from the factory warehouses itself, which ensures packaging and loading procedures are strictly followed as per international standards. We also ensure to have test reports and updated certificates of our partner suppliers to ensure the quality is being well maintained as per the Standard Specifications. As and when required we offer our partner buyers with third party inspection services to fulfil their requirement.

PD : How are the market challenges in your business?

NJ : The market is now very price sensitive. There is over supply in some of the packaging grades like folding box board and duplex board. Therefore, the challenge for traders is that margins have dropped.

There are also more strict banking regulations and Forex Shortage in international trade. Industry as whole need to balance the supplies between Institutional Sales – Open Market Sales. Although the new framework by current govt. provide an opportunity for the industry to book the capacities which is giving space to imports to feed the open market. With foreign investment from APP in India, will change the dynamics and it will be exciting new phase.

PD : Being a trading company, what is your goal in the Industry?

NJ : The packaging and hygiene sector remains in Focus with new capacities being installed across the category. We are picking our partner supplier carefully who can service our demand consistently throughout the year as this has been our key for past 14 years in International Trade. We stay committed to serving our Partner buyers through thick and thin times as we have successfully done during the pandemic. We can proudly say we delivered all our committed orders without changing the prices and defined timelines during the tough past 2 years.

PD : Being a paper trading company for three decades, what is your suggestion to the Industry to make the paper sustainable?

NJ : Paper Industry is regularly working towards being more sustainable by introducing new technologies. They are working towards re-use of water and chemicals which are used in production process.

PD : How do you see the growth of Indian paper industry in future?

NJ : Paper Industry has huge potential going forward, especially in hygiene segment, food segment and packaging segment. E-Commerce and Home food deliveries are growing business and Paper is the main packaging material, which is used for it.

PD : What are all the awards you have received for your market performance?

NJ : Recently we were given export excellence award by honourable Commerce minister of India, Shri Piyush Goyal Ji, organized by federation of Indian exporters organisation.

Our awards:

From FIEO:

1.Gold Trophy in Year 2017.

2.Silver Trophy in year 2023.


Export Excellence award for FY: 2018-19 , 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22.

“Paper Industry has huge potential going forward, especially in hygiene segment, food segment and packaging segment”

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